Trend Alert! Updating Your Code to Account for Artificial Intelligence

I was at the European Compliance and Ethics conference last week when a new trend came across my radar. In the first session, John Bowman, AI Ethics Market Strategy Lead for IBM, began talking about how IBM has approached using artificial intelligence (AI) within their products. He said that they had updated their Code of […]

How to Change Your Program for the Better!

The mouths of some of the people in the audience were agape. And who could blame them? The other panelists at my recent session in Amsterdam at the European Compliance and Ethics Institute were talking about incredible programs. One was based entirely around behavioral science, and another that basically ran itself with all the data […]

Use the Alarm When You Need to (and not Otherwise!)

“Isn’t that bothering your ears?” I asked as I checked in for my cross-country flight this morning. An alarm was blaring so loudly that I couldn’t hear the questions being asked by the gate agent. The red light spun ominously amongst the cacophony. “No, it happens sometimes. The bags sometimes get stuck and that sets […]

Overloaded Email? Killer Ways to Tame Your Inbox

“It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure” – Clay Shirky, Author According to studies, the average worker sends 40 emails per day and receives 121. To put this in perspective, if your company has 1,000 employees, the team will send out 40,000 business emails in just one day! Your email box can be a time […]

If ESG’s a Loser…What Can We Do About it?

I recently wrote about the reasons the Wall Street Journal’s opinion piece titled “The Many Reasons ESG Is a Loser” had a point. Among other things, the article summed up a similar article by the Harvard Business Review stating, “1) ESG funds have underperformed; 2) companies that tout their ESG credentials have worse compliance records for labor and environmental […]

Compliance Considerations in a Post-Roe World

No matter how you feel personally about abortion, if your company has offices in a U.S. state where abortion is now illegal, or is greatly restricted, compliance concerns abound. Companies from Amazon to Apple have made public commitments to fund employee travel to states where abortion is legal should the service be requested by affected employees. […]

Is ESG a Loser? The Proof is Distressing…

“The many reasons ESG is a loser” shouted an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this week. I read the article with an eyebrow raised, but after reviewing the author’s evidence (as well as the underlying research he quoted and several additional sources), unfortunately, the author’s got a point. This also means that we in compliance […]

Need more budget? Use an Anchor!

We’ve all experienced sticker shock. We decide we want to buy something and believe we know what it will cost, but when we get to the store, we see a number way above what we thought it would be. We may feel surprised, frustrated, or even outraged. Once we’ve calmed down and adjusted our expectations […]

The Hottest Trend: Strict Liability Offenses

Strict liability is all the rage these days. From OFAC to OFSI, the trend toward strict liability is picking up and is unlikely to abate. Never mind those pesky determinations of intent. They’re so subjective. Nope, all the cool regulators are heading to the strict liability side, and we need to know what to do […]