Are You Conflicted about Managing Conflicts with Significant Relationships? (Part III)

Managing conflicts of interest seems so easy in theory. Someone discloses, the issue is managed, and everyone goes about with their day. The concept of conflict management is easy. In practice, it often isn’t. This is the third blog in our series about managing the conflicts of interest disclosure process. Here we will review common […]

Waiting for a Decision? How to Move Forward Regardless…

Is there anything more frustrating than sending a fourth or fifth follow-up email that starts, “We’re still waiting to hear from you so we can….”? Yes, people are busy, but not getting a response when you need one can be downright infuriating. When projects are at a standstill waiting for input, it can be tempting […]

ESG and Compliance Professionals: Five Things You Need to Know and Five Steps to Take Now

On 21 March 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed long-awaited rule changes for climate-related disclosures for investors. In the past couple of years, not a day has gone by without something in the media about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). It is front and center for many investors as well as other stakeholders. […]

It All Comes Full Circle: Behind the Scenes!

I recently had the most fun shooting three Masterclass-style videos for Diligent. It was a throwback to my days in film and TV. See, I wasn’t always in the legal or compliance profession. In fact, I was in acting and producing. I graduated from UCLA’s film and television school then ended up in commercials and […]

Why is every yes actually a no?

Said Yes? Nope, you actually said no It’s fun to say yes. Yes makes people happy. Yes clears the way to the next thing. The word “no” feels bad. No is frequently accompanied by excuses or disappointment. Yes is far preferrable to no. Or is it? Is every yes in fact, a no? Is “yes” […]

Reflecting on Your Younger-Self

Never in a million years would 20-year-old me recognize my life. I was at UCLA as a theater, film, and television major, spending my time changing into wardrobe to go onto the stage. If future me visited past me and told her in 20 years, she’d be a compliance expert owning a consulting group, younger […]

The Scope-Creep Issue that Kills Due Diligence Programs

“Wait, maybe we should include pencil suppliers in the anti-bribery due diligence program. I mean, we buy A LOT of pencils. Also – let’s include glass suppliers in scope. I mean, we need glass to create our products, so a lack of glass would tank our supply chain. And what about our cleaning crews. They […]

Five Easy Ways to Do a Quick Update to Your Code of Conduct

I have a confession to make… I have a love/hate relationship with Codes of Conduct. It’s true. Despite the fact that I’ve spent countless hours helping companies update their Codes, I find the average Code difficult to read, boring, and most troublingly, ineffective. If your Code is so dense, boring, or visually unappealing that employees […]

Leaders disengaged? You may be making a crucial mistake.

Maybe It’s You? Are your senior leaders disengaged with compliance? Do you feel they see it as a necessary evil – or worse, something not to be bothered with at all? Do they sit on their phones during meetings or simply not show up? Do you sense that no one cares what’s going on? If […]

Why Now is the BEST Time to be in the Compliance Industry

Last week I shared a video highlighting the recent (fabulous) data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics about why compliance officers are in such a great position in the market. Watch that video here. That research, along with takeaways from my co-hosting the NAVEX Top Ten Trends webinar and the 2022 salary guide published […]