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Join me and Tom Fox and in our podcast, Two Gurus Talk Compliance, as we tackle the most interesting and important stories of the week. These include enforcement actions, new laws, best practices, and more.
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I’m excited to introduce you to my podcast series, “Two Gurus Talk Compliance,”, a place for Tom Fox and I to discuss the most interesting stories within the compliance industry. 

Episodes are published fortnightly and filled to the brim with important resources, excellent articles, and even a few scandals!

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of compliance and ethics.

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Episode 7

This week we’re covering the SEC’s recent enforcement actions, three tips for creating a good post-pandemic culture, how being grateful for not being struck by lightning relates to compliance, and what happens when your lawyer uses Chat GPT for court filings. Spoiler alert - it goes horribly wrong.
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Episode 6

This week we’re covering the potential crisis with performing due diligence in China, enforcement action from the SEC on ephemeral messaging, all the highlights from the national Compliance Week conference, and the fascinating fraud case involving the use of real Sherriff’s Department names, fake warrants, and missed jury duty.
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Episode 5

In this episode we’re covering the largest penalty ever issued by OFAC to a non-financial institution, whether the future of compliance is rosy, the moves the Biden administration is making on the cyber security front, and why Taylor Swift is the due diligence queen- seriously.
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Episode 4

This week we’re covering the role of behavioural economics in compliance programs, how to manage compliance in Chat GPT, lessons for compliance officers from the Microsoft OFAC settlement, and why your email does not constitute my emergency (this last one is going to change your life).
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Episode 3

This week we’re covering the jail-time for a Wells Fargo exec over their client scandal, what happens when CCOs have to certify programs, bribery stories in Russia and China, the Italian Data Protection Authority shutting down Chat GPT, and whether compliance concerns are indeed going to come to the meta-verse.
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Episode 2

This week we’re covering all the excitement with the new DOJ pilot program and the update to the evaluation of the corporate compliance program’s guidance. Plea deals for CEOs in the US and executives that escaped prosecution in the UK, as well as a case full of… ahem, cow manure.
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Episode 1

This week we’re covering two supreme court cases that will affect the compliance profession, the latest from the DOJ, and whistle-blower trends.
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