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Welcome to the only online course to help you make your risk assessment process easy and dare we say, enjoyable!

With our expert tips, tools, templates and advice, you’ll be able to complete your risk assessment in record time, with confidence in your methodology and presentation to the leaders in your organization. You can even receive 2.4 CEU units for completing the course.

Welcome to the only course that provides the foundational knowledge to become a Wildly Effective compliance officer.

Whether you’re brand new to the profession or in your first couple of years and still learning, this course will transform you from newcomer to a confident, knowledgeable, Wildly Effective Compliance Officer. You can even earn up to 17.4 CEU units toward your CCEP/CCB Certification.

Regulators have been 100% clear – you need a risk-based third-party program.

But what does that mean in practice?

Do you TRULY have a risk-based third-party program?

In this Focus Series Course, you’ll learn exactly how to build a risk-based program and how to refine the program you have to meet regulatory expectations, best practices, and the needs of your business.