It All Comes Full Circle: Behind the Scenes!

I recently had the most fun shooting three Masterclass-style videos for Diligent.

It was a throwback to my days in film and TV.

See, I wasn’t always in the legal or compliance profession.

In fact, I was in acting and producing. I graduated from UCLA’s film and television school then ended up in commercials and small parts on TV.

I also worked at the studios in development and production, including at Paramount, Fox, and Sony.

Funny how it all comes full circle.

First, twelve years after these pictures were taken, I was hired as the Chief Compliance Officer at United International Pictures, the joint venture of Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures.

When I did my final interview, I was taken on a tour of UIP’s offices. I knew I was home when I saw that the canteen was called “555 Melrose” – the address of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, and the place of my first full-time job at age 21.

I’ve moved back to Southern California after nearly a decade in London, also coming back full circle.

The shoot for Diligent took place in Beverly Hills, about 4 miles from my first post-college apartment on Corning Street.

It’s amazing how things move in time.

Here’s a sneak peek at the video series from behind the scenes.

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Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.
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