Does Your Ethics & Compliance Program have a Net Promoter Score?

Would someone who came to the Ethics and Compliance Office refer a friend? 

This is a guest post by Ellen M. Hunt, Principal Consultant and Advisor at Spark Compliance Consulting.

If you asked someone “On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend the Ethics & Compliance Office to a friend or colleague?”, how would they score you?

This is how a Net Promoter Score is calculated and those who answer 9 to 10 are promoters who are most likely to make referrals.

Ethics and Compliance professionals can learn a lot about how those that utilize their services (i.e., your customers) feel about their experience. 

Why wouldn’t you want to know if that experience was good or bad?  

Read the full post on the Spark Compliance Blog as Ellen takes us through:

  • Why an NPS is better than employee survey data
  • What to do when a concern is raised
  • How to take concerns seriously

And, 6 steps to improve the customer experience.

Read the full blog here.

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Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.
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