Category: ESG

Category: ESG

How to  Spring Clean Your Compliance Program

My favorite place to be is in my backyard, with the sun shining on me, in my oversized comfy chair watching the birds or reading a magazine. During the winter months, the sun becomes scarce. I try to scratch out some time on the weekends, but it’s often too chilly, even in my home near Los Angeles, to really enjoy the warmth.

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The Case for Compliance as the ESG Leader

The hottest three letters in the corporate world are “ESG.”




As compliance vendors fall all over themselves setting up workshops and webinars to explain what each letter means, there is very little information about who should take on this new blended responsibility in companies.

Since few companies are hiring new people to run ESG, the question becomes which person or department should oversee it?

The answer is compliance. But, why? Well because…

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