If ESG’s a Loser…What Can We Do About it?

I recently wrote about the reasons the Wall Street Journal’s opinion piece titled “The Many Reasons ESG Is a Loser” had a point. Among other things, the article summed up a similar article by the Harvard Business Review stating, “1) ESG funds have underperformed; 2) companies that tout their ESG credentials have worse compliance records for labor and environmental […]

Is ESG a Loser? The Proof is Distressing…

“The many reasons ESG is a loser” shouted an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this week. I read the article with an eyebrow raised, but after reviewing the author’s evidence (as well as the underlying research he quoted and several additional sources), unfortunately, the author’s got a point. This also means that we in compliance […]

ESG and Compliance Professionals: Five Things You Need to Know and Five Steps to Take Now

On 21 March 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed long-awaited rule changes for climate-related disclosures for investors. In the past couple of years, not a day has gone by without something in the media about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). It is front and center for many investors as well as other stakeholders. […]

The Case for Compliance as the ESG Leader

The hottest three letters in the corporate world are “ESG.”




As compliance vendors fall all over themselves setting up workshops and webinars to explain what each letter means, there is very little information about who should take on this new blended responsibility in companies.

Since few companies are hiring new people to run ESG, the question becomes which person or department should oversee it?

The answer is compliance. But, why? Well because…