Category: Compliance Career Advice

Category: Compliance Career Advice

How Do I Get Into International Compliance? – Part I

How Do I Get Into International Compliance? 


Early this month I received an email from a reader of my blog asking me how she should get into an international role in compliance.  It is relatively easy to move into international compliance where I live in London, but in places where business is more likely to be regional, how can you prepare yourself for an international role, or position yourself to begin working on the international parts of your business?  The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself is this:


Study the Laws that Affect International Compliance


Many practitioners become experts at the national laws affecting their business.  Whether these are simple zoning regulations or complex health care laws like HIPPA, compliance professionals frequently become well versed at discussing national law.  To work in international compliance, you must understand internationals law. Sound easy and obvious?  It is, but it takes work and focus in order to learn something that you can’t yet apply to your day job.  Where should you start?  I recommend the following:

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