The Power of the Fake Commute

Have you ever heard of a fake commute?

Neither had I until last week during the opening keynote of the SCCE conference in Phoenix. In it, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar from Harvard Medical School talked about the effects of burnout in the post-pandemic age, and how to combat the challenges so many of us face in our hybrid or work-from-home environments.

Her advice? Use rituals and a fake commute.

Are you (or your program) memorable?

Right now, I’m traveling from Los Angeles to Phoenix for the SCCE’s annual conference. I’m leading a panel session on Tuesday, and I want it to be memorable. In truth, I want to be memorable too. But how do I stack the deck in my favor?

Compliance Champions? Yes , please – but what’s best? Part II

When Spark Compliance is doing a compliance program review and an organization doesn’t have a Compliance Champions program, guess what becomes a key recommendation? That’s right – starting a Compliance Champions program. Why?
Well, a Champions program has many benefits…

Compliance Champions? Yes please – but what’s best? Part I

Who doesn’t love the idea of having an expanded reach?

Having people showing up throughout the organization holding the banner of compliance? Keeping you informed as they act as the eyes and ears on the ground in a way impossible for your valiant team (perhaps, your team of one)?

Compliance Champions are a great way to make all of this happen.

Owning it when You’re Good

“I’m really good at this!” my six-year-old nephew exclaimed during an evening social event. At that exuberant moment, he was expertly putting together the Lego Empire State Building, a kit meant for age 16 and up. Several attendees looked askance and one gasped slightly at his admission. Declaring oneself good at something – especially out […]

You Seriously Shouldn’t Work this Weekend

We all want to control our time. Humans enjoy the sense of power and freedom that comes from determining when and where we do our work. And, companies have noticed. Over time, and especially since the pandemic started, office workers have been given more and more freedom to determine the hours they’d prefer to work, […]

Waiting for a Decision? How to Move Forward Regardless…

Is there anything more frustrating than sending a fourth or fifth follow-up email that starts, “We’re still waiting to hear from you so we can….”? Yes, people are busy, but not getting a response when you need one can be downright infuriating. When projects are at a standstill waiting for input, it can be tempting […]

Why is every yes actually a no?

Said Yes? Nope, you actually said no It’s fun to say yes. Yes makes people happy. Yes clears the way to the next thing. The word “no” feels bad. No is frequently accompanied by excuses or disappointment. Yes is far preferrable to no. Or is it? Is every yes in fact, a no? Is “yes” […]

Reflecting on Your Younger-Self

Never in a million years would 20-year-old me recognize my life. I was at UCLA as a theater, film, and television major, spending my time changing into wardrobe to go onto the stage. If future me visited past me and told her in 20 years, she’d be a compliance expert owning a consulting group, younger […]