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Should I take the new job?

Should I stay or should I go? A new job can seem like a panacea to all your woes. If you’re being micromanaged, working in an unappreciative environment, being subjected to endless working hours, or being asked to take calls at all hours of the day and night, you’re likely browsing LinkedIn hoping to find an escape.

Or maybe you’re simply open to change even though you’re relatively happy where you are. Whether actively seeking a new opportunity or if one falls into your lap, it’s always difficult to know whether to leave.

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When to Make it Global and When to Keep It Local

I recently sat down with the one and only Adam Turteltaub of the SCCE to join him on his Compliance Perspectives podcast. We talked about a very important and controversial topic. When should you keep your compliance program global, and when should you allow for local versions? We’re hashing it out here.

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New Book! Leveling-Up with Mary Shirley

It’s no secret that Mary Shirley is compliance gold. She’s a podcasting guru, award-winning author, and thought leader. She’s also got a brand new book coming out that’s already reached #1 in Amazon pre-sales in the industry!

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