Sleuthing for Compliance Data: Where to Find it

Sleuthing for Compliance Data: Where to Find it

Data may be everywhere, but finding useful data is harder than it looks. In a world increasingly powered by data lakes and artificial intelligence, the promise of data is rich, but its usefulness often falls short of the promise.

Do You Have the Right Types of Metrics?

Do you have the right types of metrics?

Choosing metrics that matter is a perennial problem. We know we need to monitor our program, both for ourselves and to please regulators like the Department of Justice and SEC. Many, if not most, compliance officers struggle with choosing metrics and implementing a sound strategy for execution and reporting. If you’re one of them, don’t […]

Seven Mistakes to Avoid in Making Your U.S. Program International

Congratulations – you’re ready to roll out your Code of Conduct, policies, or employee handbook. It seems so simple – everything’s already written, right? And you’ve had a lawyer look them over in the States. What could be easier? Hold on right there. It’s not always obvious that certain words, phrases, or concepts may need […]

New Book! ‘Establishing Workplace Integrity’ by Paul Fiorelli

New Book! 'Establishing Workplace Integrity' by Paul Fiorelli

If you’ve ever had the privilege of watching Paul Fiorelli speak, you’ll not soon forget the experience. His talks are filled with pop culture references, movie clips, inside jokes, levity, and thoughtful questions that make compliance education fun and memorable. Paul is a Professor of Legal Studies and the Director of the Cintas Institute for […]

Not Invited to the Pre-M&A Party? Risk Assess Anyway! Here’s How

“Our company is proud to announce the acquisition of the New Company!” reads the press release. The Compliance Officer looks on in shock. Why weren’t they told? Why weren’t they involved in the pre-acquisition due diligence? Why are they hearing about it after it’s already happened? And, most importantly, what are they going to do […]

Trend Alert! Updating Your Code to Account for Artificial Intelligence

I was at the European Compliance and Ethics conference last week when a new trend came across my radar. In the first session, John Bowman, AI Ethics Market Strategy Lead for IBM, began talking about how IBM has approached using artificial intelligence (AI) within their products. He said that they had updated their Code of […]

How to Change Your Program for the Better!

The mouths of some of the people in the audience were agape. And who could blame them? The other panelists at my recent session in Amsterdam at the European Compliance and Ethics Institute were talking about incredible programs. One was based entirely around behavioral science, and another that basically ran itself with all the data […]

Use the Alarm When You Need to (and not Otherwise!)

“Isn’t that bothering your ears?” I asked as I checked in for my cross-country flight this morning. An alarm was blaring so loudly that I couldn’t hear the questions being asked by the gate agent. The red light spun ominously amongst the cacophony. “No, it happens sometimes. The bags sometimes get stuck and that sets […]