2023: Right-Skilling for Your Job

Welcome to the brand new year that is 2023!

Everyone is hoping for a great year, and there are signs, like the continuing super-hot job market, that it will be terrific. But there is also chatter around inflation, interest rates, and the concern of recession.

No matter whether the economy is terrific, fine, or terrible in 2023, the new year is a great time to plan your year for success.

Many people feel that they are at the whim of their boss – as if they have no control over whether they are at risk of being fired. Instead of leaving your fate to chance, start the year off right by taking control of your opportunities by right-skilling.

Right-Skilling Explained


One of Spark Compliance’s favorite clients recently said she wasn’t looking to hire or fire – she was looking to “right-skill” her team to fill it with people who have the experience and knowledge for the company.

Right-skilling is ensuring that you’re perfect for the job you’ve got (and the job you want) now and in the near-term future. Here’s how to do just that.

The Big January Kick-Off


For most companies, the beginning of the year brings with it kick-off meetings, discussions of annual plans, and five-year visions. Projects are announced, initiatives revealed, and new directions outlined.

Instead of just attending these meetings and broadcasts, take notes and consider how the compliance program will need to evolve to meet the needs of the business this year and in the years to come. Anticipate what you’ll need to do to be the right person to take charge. For instance:

➡️ If the plan is to go more digital in offerings, study up on data privacy and consider getting an IAPP certification.

➡️ If the plan is to grow internationally, learn about the laws in the regions where the company is growing. Plan to attend a compliance conference in the country or region.

➡️ If the plan is to grow rapidly, take an online course in antitrust/competition law. Call the largest law firm in your city, or contact the law firms used by your company, to get on their mailing lists. Attend the webinars the law firm gives on antitrust/competition developments until you’re comfortable describing the difference between bid rigging and price fixing.

Let People Know


Once you’ve started your right-skilling journey, be sure people know about your efforts. You can do this in numerous ways. Why not try:

➡️ Volunteering to give a training session on your topic to the rest of the legal/compliance team.

➡️ Celebrating your new skills and knowledge publicly on LinkedIn. Earned a new certification? Create a post celebrating your accomplishment and add the certification to your profile. Attended that conference in a new place? Post a picture and tag other attendees and the hosting organization.

➡️ Drafting an article or blog post on the topic. You could have it published internally on the company intranet, or externally in any number of blogs relating to the compliance industry. You could also post your blog directly from LinkedIn.

It’s Not Just for This Year


Being forward-thinking means that you’ll be lucky when preparation meets opportunity. That’s true not just for your current job, but for the promotions you may get soon or a new job you may seek in the future.

Determine how you’ll be the right fit for the job you have now in six months, as well as the person you’ll need to be in five years to match the vision of your company and your vision for your life.

Welcome to 2023. Let’s make this year our best one yet.

Kristy Grant-Hart

CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting

Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.

She’s a renowned expert at transforming compliance departments into in-demand business assets.