The Art of Money Laundering

They say that art is in the eye of the beholder. Why can a sketch that looks like my 7-year-old nephew drew it sell for millions? The name of the artist of course. And therein lies the genius. Art is the perfect vehicle for money laundering. Great stories abound here. For instance, take the conviction […]

You Seriously Shouldn’t Work this Weekend

We all want to control our time. Humans enjoy the sense of power and freedom that comes from determining when and where we do our work. And, companies have noticed. Over time, and especially since the pandemic started, office workers have been given more and more freedom to determine the hours they’d prefer to work, […]

Are you Conflicted about Managing Board Member Conflicts (Part V)?

Since this is the fifth blog in our series on managing conflicts of interest, hopefully you’ve got your process in place for employee disclosures and it’s running well. But now there’s another challenge: board members. (If you haven’t seen the others, the first blog post, which focuses on scoping the program for success, can be […]

5 Lessons from the Toll Sanctions Case

If you’re like most compliance officers today, you’re hearing the word “sanctions” constantly. There’s rarely been a period in history with such fast-changing sanctions laws. And while sanctions violations and risks aren’t new, escalating penalties and new fact patterns emerge all the time. Take the Toll Holdings settlement announced last Monday. According to the news […]

Are You Conflicted about Managing Conflicts with Financial Issues? (Part IV)

“Well baby, what I couldn’t do with plenty of money and you…” is how the old Tony Bennet song starts. The lyric has two parts – plenty of money and another person. That’s how the trouble starts in conflicts of interest disclosures involving financial issues. Money and somebody else. Managing conflicts of interest seems so […]

Are You Conflicted about Managing Conflicts with Significant Relationships? (Part III)

Managing conflicts of interest seems so easy in theory. Someone discloses, the issue is managed, and everyone goes about with their day. The concept of conflict management is easy. In practice, it often isn’t. This is the third blog in our series about managing the conflicts of interest disclosure process. Here we will review common […]

Waiting for a Decision? How to Move Forward Regardless…

Is there anything more frustrating than sending a fourth or fifth follow-up email that starts, “We’re still waiting to hear from you so we can….”? Yes, people are busy, but not getting a response when you need one can be downright infuriating. When projects are at a standstill waiting for input, it can be tempting […]

Are You Conflicted about Managing Conflicts? (Part II)

For most employees, the hardest part of disclosing conflicts is knowing that you have one in the first place. The next hardest part is deciding to disclose. What if it all goes wrong? Not disclosing is easier. For us in compliance, non-disclosure is a serious issue. But getting people to understand what a conflict is […]

ESG and Compliance Professionals: Five Things You Need to Know and Five Steps to Take Now

On 21 March 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed long-awaited rule changes for climate-related disclosures for investors. In the past couple of years, not a day has gone by without something in the media about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). It is front and center for many investors as well as other stakeholders. […]

Are You Conflicted about Managing Conflicts? (Part I)

It sounds simple. Tell employees to disclose potential conflicts, wait for them to do it, then decide if the conflict is a problem. But the execution of the process is often not that simple, especially if you have a small team or no technology to help. No one solution will work for every company. But […]