Whitepaper Here! Putting Adult Learning Best Practices in Compliance Training!

Compliance training has a bad reputation – one which it has mostly earned. Because of irrelevant scenarios and training that focuses on the legal requirements instead of what the employee needs to know, employees have become turned off and tuned out. There is a better way to give training, and it all starts with understanding adult learning.

We’ve put together a 14-page whitepaper full of practical strategies and easy-to-apply examples to take your training to the next, NEXT level. In it, you’ll discover:

· Five critical assumptions to apply to adult learners

· How to use four different types of learning theories for maximum comprehension

· How to mix in five different types of learning styles to ensure everyone is engaged

· The top eight trends in Compliance training (and how to mix-and-match them)

· Eight ways to measure the effectiveness of compliance training

CLICK HERE to access and download the Whitepaper.