Choosing Greatness – Why Your Should Determine Your Legacy Now

Just five years. That’s the average amount of time managers and professionals stay in one job according to the US Bureau of Labor. Consider where are you in that cycle. No matter whether you’re one month in or twenty years, it’s never too early to think about how you want to be remembered and what you want to leave behind – otherwise known as your legacy.

Legacy connotes “that which lingers after a person has left.” Your focus and your choices now determine what you’ll leave behind. Too many of us rush haphazardly through our days without considering the bigger picture of what we’re building. Greatness is a choice. To help you make the biggest impact, determine what you want your legacy to be, and work with an eye to that every day.

There isn’t just one type of legacy to think about in your work. Think about legacy in three ways.

No. 1: The Compliance Program

Imagine the compliance program in its best form in one year, three years, five years, and ten years. What has changed? What technology has it implemented? How big is the team? And most importantly, what can you contribute to make the biggest impact such that you leave the program significantly better than you inherited it?

If you’re stuck, consider two things. First, your risk assessment. Implementing mitigation strategies to manage your company’s greatest risk will leave a legacy. But also consider this – what are your strongest skills? Do you write clear and concise policies? Do you give training sessions that people enjoy? Do you have close relationships with board members? Whatever your strongest skill, consciously use it. Polices will be in place for years, good training will stay with the employees, and board members who understand compliance will be priceless for those who come into the company after you.

No. 2: The Company’s Culture

Consider how you can most effectively help…