Happy Five Year Anniversary to Spark Compliance!

Five years ago today I was terrified. It was just me, opening my computer, hoping that it all worked out. When starting a business, people helpfully remind you that 80% of small businesses fail before they hit their fifth year anniversary. It was my fierce prayer at that time that we would get to today, and we have!

Spark Compliance has grown and thrived more than I could have hoped for that day. We grew from my home office to having a presence in London, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We’ve got a terrific team. We’ve won awards. And most importantly, we have the most wonderful clients and friends. We are so lucky to count you among them.

We’ve got massive plans for this year, including this month’s upcoming launch of our hotly anticipated hybrid online/live facilitated training game for companies called “Compliance Competitor.”

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If five years ago, I could have seen what the company would look like today, I would have been delighted. Thank you for being such a huge part of this accomplishment.

All the best,
Kristy 🙂