They Hate Me. What do I do?

My client called me in a panic. “They hate me. What do I do? How do I handle this?” For over a year, my client (we’ll call her Amanda) had been working on an investigation in Eastern Europe. The investigation had been long and slow, leading everyone to be exhausted, including her. As the investigation wrapped up, two senior leaders were fired for misconduct, leaving resentment and anger in the officer. In response, management decided to relocate Amanda, parachuting her into Romania to keep an eye on things and revamp the culture. People were cold and didn’t answer her calls.

What was she to do? And more importantly, what are you to do when you perceive robust distrust and anger in pockets of your organization? Remember six things.

You’re here to Get a Job Done

First, remember that you’re here to do a job. While resentment or mistrust may be present, in the end, it doesn’t matter whether everyone likes you. You’re in the organization to drive an ethical culture and ensure compliance with the law. In the face of indignation, remember that your mission is critical. By holding tight to your purpose, you can weather the resistance.

You are Not Your Job…