It’s HERE! The long-awaited official launch date for our Focus Series Course on Creating a TRULY Risk-Based Third-Party Program is here!

Regulators have been 100% clear – you need a risk-based third-party program. But what does that actually mean? And if you already have a due diligence program, how can you know if it is truly risk-based? We have the answer. In this Focus Series course, you’ll learn exactly how to build a risk-based program, or to refine the one you have. You’ll finally be confident that you have a truly risk-based program.

The course is built into three substantive modules with videos and downloadable tools to help you create your optimized program. This includes:

  • How to choose your risk model and evaluation criteria (with huge numbers of examples)

  • How to create a truly risk-based due diligence strategy, using multiple escalating levers

  • How to deal consistently with red flags using the red flag matrix

  • How to use the mitigation toolbox to complete your third-party risk mitigation strategy

You’ll have everything you need to create or optimize your program to meet regulatory expectations and to sleep better at night! Best, for the next TEN DAYS ONLY, as a Compliance Kristy reader, you’ll get 20% off the course using Discount Code “CL” at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! For more information and to sign-up, click HERE!