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2020 marks several cornerstone topics, including: updates to regulatory requirements, digital environment impact, new agency guidance, data privacy, workplace behavioral shifts, and much more.

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We asked, you answered: What is Your TOP Priority for Your Program in 2020?

In December we asked thousands of compliance officers what their TOP priority was for 2020.  The answers are in, and they may surprise you.  Is your top priority aligned with everyone else’s? Let’s find out.

Number One: Compliance Program Assessment

42% of respondents answered that their program review/assessment was their top priority for 2020.  This isn’t surprising, given the huge focus the DOJ’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs gave to program assessment.  In it, prosecutors were instructed to consider, “whether the company has engaged in meaningful efforts to review its compliance program, and ensure that it is not stale.”  Companies must “evaluate periodically the effectiveness of the” program. 

Program reviews are critical because new laws and regulatory guidance mean that expectations shift over time.  Without a program assessment, it’s easy to fall behind regulatory expectations or legal requirements.  Nearly half of respondents took this to heart to make completing your program assessment their top priority for the year.

Number Two:…