A couple of weeks ago I gave a webinar with Compliance Line that has created a huge amount of buzz.  It’s topic was the Top Ten Mistakes Compliance Officers Make when Performing Risk Assessments, and people were so engaged we couldn’t get to most of the questions!  If you didn’t have the chance to see it, you can watch it HERE.  In it, we explore the top ten mistakes (and what to do to fix them!).  We look at:

1.     Taking on too many risks at once

2.     Tackling too many regions/business units

3.     Creating document disasters

4.     Religious adherence to the interview outline

5.     Questioning knowledge instead of activities (this one is my favorite)

6.     Not using a repeatable methodology

7.     Throwing away the current program plan

8.     Letting every score be medium

9.     Using red/yellow/green on the heat map (ooh, this one is controversial!)

10.  Shoving the report in a drawer

Risk assessments can be difficult, but they don’t have to involve self-sabotage.  Find out how to make them better.  View the video HERE.

p.s.: Don’t miss our next webinar on The Top Ten Third-Party Risk Management NIGHTMARES (just in time for Halloween!).  Get more information and sign up HERE.