Whistle-blowers: Best Practices for Managing their Expectations and Experiences

“If we could sum up all the causes of hurt, pain, and hatred in one word, it would be expectations.”  – Ancient Proverb

Imagine the courage it must take to blow the whistle on unethical activity at your job.  Whistle-blowers experience fear of being fired, being found out, retaliated again, and losing their reputation, while wrestling with the desire to do the right thing.  But once whistle-blowers have made their report, they’re often disappointed and disillusioned.  This is frequently compliance’s fault.

What Happened?

Surveys and academic research shows that the vast majority of whistle-blowers report internally before reporting to regulators or the media. One survey found that 90% of whistle-blowers reported internally before filing qui tam lawsuits.  Why did they report outside?  One of the major reasons was their perception that nothing was done about their report.

Managing Expectations…