Three Simple Tricks to Create Powerful Commitment

“I do,” say the lovers in front of friends and family.  “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” says the officiant, followed by cheering and clapping.  Marriage ceremonies happen in public.  For a marriage to be legally binding, nearly every jurisdiction requires that the ceremony is witnessed and then written down in public recordsWhy?  Because commitments made in public are much stronger than those made privately.  Social science research has borne this out time and again.

To help your employees be more compliant and ethical, construct opportunities for people to pro-actively and publicly commit to compliance.  Here are three ways to allow your employees to make their commitment to compliance loudly and proudly.

Raise your hand

When we’re asked questions by a teacher, we raise our hand to show that we agree or are in alignment with the answer.  When Americans pledge allegiance to the flag or sing the National Anthem, they place their hands over their heart.  Raising your hand or making an affirmative movement sends a signal to our mind that we agree with the speaker.  Movement of this sort physically manifests our intention to say “yes.” 

When you’re performing live training, ask the group to raise their hand if they’re willing to commit to being compliant and ethical.  When you’re presenting to the leadership team, ask who intends to use the slides to cascade information on a new policy to their team.  Find ways to ask people to pro-actively raise their hand for compliance and business ethics.  The results will speak for themselves.

Write it out…