PODCAST: Compliance Perspectives on Raising Your Game with Websites

Hi there!  SCCE Vice President Adam Turtletaub and I sat down in Berlin last month to talk about how company websites affect the reputation of their company when it comes to compliance.  Specifically, we talked about:

  • What does the website say about the compliance program? 

  • Is it painting the right picture of your program? 

  • Do you have the disclosures necessary under the UK and California human trafficking and modern slavery laws? 

  • Is the code of conduct up?  Is there a CEO letter?

  • Your employees, venture capital firms, and even prospective employees may be looking, so pay attention

  • Whistle-blower hotlines: Can the outside world find them to report?

  • Listen in to learn more about how your compliance program can raise its web game!

LISTEN HERE and enjoy!: http://complianceandethics.org/kristy-grant-hart-on-compliance-websites-podcast/

We went through some of the highlights of the Spark Score research and best practices for ensuring your program looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside.  Curious about your Spark Score?  Get yours for free here!