Welcome back!  For many, coming back into the office after the holidays is a somber affair.  Gone are the glitter and lights of the season, replaced with what seems like a long stretch between now and summer vacation.

Jumping back into the grind can be hard.  But what if a new habit helped you ease into your day each morning while boosting skills and career?  What if spending just five minutes each morning when you get into the office could grow your knowledge, employability, and likelihood of being promoted?  It’s possible.  Beginning today, start your day with five minutes of career-related reading in the form of a blog post. 

Most blog posts are between 500 – 1,000 words.  Since the average person reads 200 – 250 words per minute, you can get through a blog post in only three to five minutes.  I’ve found that the easiest way to get into the habit is to start each day with a blog post.  This allows you to ease into your day, plus, you’ll know about all the latest trends, enforcement actions, and best practices put forth by the leaders in the field.

Some blogs are posted daily.  Others are posted weekly or sporadically.  Put yourself into a rhythm by reading different authors and bloggers by bookmarking one for each day of the week.  Some of my favorites include:

a.      Tom Fox:  http://fcpacompliancereport.com/

b.     Richard Bistrong:  https://richardbistrong.com/blog/

c.      Me (Kristy Grant-Hart): www.compliancekristy.com

d.     Matt Kelly:  http://www.radicalcompliance.com/

e.      Joe Murphy: http://compliancestrategists.com/csblog/category/joe-murphy/

f.      Donna Boehme:  http://compliancestrategists.com/csblog/category/blog/

a.      Steele Compliance:  https://steeleglobal.com/resources/blog/

b.     NAVEX Global:  https://www.navexglobal.com/blog/

c.      Convercenthttps://www.convercent.com/blog/page/5

d.     Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) https://www.refinitiv.com/perspectives/topic/regulatory-risk/

U.S. President Harry S. Truman said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”  Committing to just 5 minutes in the morning can turn you into the leader you know you can be.  Let’s start 2019 with a brand new habit.  By easing into your day with a great blog post along with your coffee, you’ll set the stage for a terrific 2019.