Top 10 Sources of Benchmarking Data to Evaluate Your Compliance Program

“What are other companies of our size doing?”  This question plagues compliance officers in all corners of the world in all industries.  Benchmarking our programs and getting concrete information about what others are doing is critical to making our program a success.  But it can be difficult – where do we find the data we need?

Unfortunately, there is no one source for all data.  However, there are plenty of places to find information.  These include:

1.      Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Surveys

I’ve been using the SCCE’s data and survey results as a benchmarking tool for years.  They have salary surveys, surveys on how compliance interacts with the Board – even surveys regarding staffing and budget.  This is my go-to source to start any benchmarking exercise. (full disclosure – I’m on the Board of Directors at the SCCE – but I still love and use their material!)

2.      Compliance Vendors Surveys

Compliance vendors produce some of the best surveys and reports.  Steele Solutions, NAVEX Global, GAN Integrity and others create outstanding reports.  Even better?  They often offer webinars going through the results of their surveys.  Sign up for their lists, and download their materials, even if you don’t need the data right now.  By gathering the information before you need it, you’ll be ready to respond when the C-Suite, Board, or management requests for benchmarking information.

3.      Conference Presentations