Innovations in Compliance Podcast: What’s Your Spark Score? With Compliance Evangelist Tom Fox!

I recently had the chance to speak with Tom Fox – otherwise known as the Compliance Evangelist. We talked about the Spark Score report, a free tool we’ve developed to help you find the gap between how good your compliance program is internally and how it’s seen by outsiders.

This is information the public is searching for. Do you know how well your company is doing?

Some of the key ideas we talked about were:

  • What the Spark Score report is, and what insights it can give about your company and how the public sees your commitment to compliance.

  • How your Spark Score is measured: what factors are we looking at? How do we analyze them?

  • What to do with this information to move your business — and the industry — forward.

Curious to get your free Spark Score Report? Just fill in this four-line form. Enjoy the show below, or listen to it here. And if you like it, subscribe to Tom’s show, Innovation in Compliance, to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry.

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Kristy Grant-Hart

Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.
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