5 Ways to Rock Your Panel Discussion (and some advice directly from Oprah Winfrey)

It all starts so well… the exciting anticipation of a confluence of ideas… the CCO of mega-manufacturing company X speaking on a panel with the head of privacy at technology company Y and the internal audit lead of company Z…  Then the hour-long discussion starts.  Within minutes you find yourself staring at your watch.  Time stretches out before you… no matter how interesting the brands being represented are, the content is already dragging.  Why is it that so many panel discussions are so boring, and how do you make sure if you’re on a panel or leading a panel that the content is interesting? 


Starting Sunday, like many of you, I’ll be at the SCCE’s Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas.  (If you’re there, come say hi at Booth 113 – Spark Compliance Consulting!).  If you’re on a panel there or anywhere, here are five ways to rock it so you’re memorable, interesting, and likely to be asked to do it again: