Four Wildly Effective Ways to Work with Legal

How do you work with the Legal Department? Do you have a good relationship?  If so, why and how?  That’s this week’s question.  This is the third in a series we’re running here at Compliance Kristy about how we can work successfully with several functions: Internal Audit, Human Resources, Legal, Management and Procurement.  Along the way, I’m asking YOU, the experts, about how you successfully work with each function.  I’ll be taking your answers (anonymously of course) and putting them into my presentation at the SCCE Conference in Las Vegas.  (for more information on this fabulous conference, click HERE)

We’ll start this off with the survey, which has only two questions: 1. How do you work with your Legal Department – who is in charge of what?  And 2. Do you have a good relationship?  To answer, please click HERE

As for me?  Following please find Four Wildly Successful ways I’ve found to work with Legal.