Wildly Effective Compliance Officer Tip of the Week – 48

Have you tried using Google Alerts to help you keep up with pending legislation that would affect your industry or affect how you do your job?  If you haven’t, you should.  Google Alerts send emails to your in-box on a regular basis alerting you to news about the topics you choose.  Let’s say you work in the fishing industry, and there is a new law that would potentially affect your company’s supply chain.  You can create a Google Alert which will send you notifications relating to that law so you can stay on top of its developments.  When the law comes into force, you’ll have as much time as possible to implement programmatic changes to comply with the law. 

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Kristy Grant-Hart

Kristy Grant-Hart

Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.
She's a renowned expert at transforming compliance departments into in-demand business assets.

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