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Walter Johnson knows about compliance excellence.  As the Director of Compliance & Ethics for Kforce Government Solutions (KGS) and board member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Walter’s had a lot of practice.  Last week at the Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas, Walter shared the Seven A’s that must be brought to work with you every day in order to be wildly effective.  I was so inspired by his formula, I wrote them down.  To bring your A-Game:

(1.) Be Approachable – You must be approachable or people will shut you out or not share with you when you could help them.

(2.) Be Attentive – You must direct your full attention to the person talking. Don’t check your mobile device or look at the person down the hall. 

(3.)  Acknowledge what the person has said, then follow up to clarify points that are unclear. 

(4.)  Ask questions to let the speaker know that you’re interested in hearing the full story.

(5.)  Allow the conversation to run its course. If you are running to another commitment, acknowledge that the conversation you’re having is important and you want to continue the discussion at a scheduled time in the future.

(6.)  Be Adamant that the person you’re talking to is of value.  Show the speaker how important he or she is by being fully present.

(7.)  Be Authentic and show that you care about compliance, the individual, and the company.

I’d add one more “A” to Walter’s A-Game.  Be Appreciative.  Gratitude for the people around you and for your job can make all the difference in your experience of your job and your co-workers.  Whatever it takes, find something to appreciate, and you’ll have a better day. 

Use this formula to bring you A-Game to work, and you’ll quickly rise to the head of the class.