VIDEO INTERVIEW: How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer

I’m thrilled to post this interview I did with Richard Bistrong while I was in New York a couple of weeks ago.  In it I talk about my journey from a career in film and TV to compliance executive, then we talk about how compliance can use motivation, influence and persuasion to affect the business.  In this Q & A, we discuss:

  • How compliance is there to help people succeed in their work.
  • How to get compliance personnel on “team business” and those on the front-lines on “team compliance.”
  • How to understand the difference between “named power” and “covert power,” and how covert power sources can help compliance to get the message to the field.
  • How to engage field personnel to embrace that being on “team compliance” is cool!
  • How to look at “desk artifacts” and to hear “what’s happening at the water cooler” as the basis for understanding people and to become a trusted source of support.
  • How to use the power of vulnerability.
  • I believe ultimate goal for a compliance officer is to be more than a friendly policeman.  We’re here to get those in the busines to understand that compliance is “in this with you.”

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Kristy Grant-Hart

Kristy Grant-Hart

Kristy Grant-Hart is the founder and CEO of Spark Compliance.
She's a renowned expert at transforming compliance departments into in-demand business assets.

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