In this fast-moving 15-minute video, former VP of Sales and current compliance expert Richard Bistrong explores one of the most potent problems of our time: sales incentives gone amuck.  From the Wells Fargo scandal to VW, sales incentives have been the undoing of the reputations of many companies recently.  Hear Richard address the fundamental challenges around sales incenvtives, and offfer best practices, including answering questions like: 

What are the unexpected consequences of aggressive sales incentives? 
When are stretch goals imposed by management useful, and when are they a moral hazard? 
What is the Compliance team’s role in handling sales goals? 
What happens when bad behavior hides behind good performance? 
What role do shareholders have in sales incentives and preventing unintended (bad) consequences? 
How do you fix your company’s sales incentives to make them better?

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